Waxed Veldt

Antelope, Elk & Deer

C.F. Stead customers are often searching for a different slant on the normal trends, and we have been able to meet this demand by developing some interesting tannages with skins from wild antelope. The tanning and processing of these skins has always taken place, but in the past, the resulting leather has more often than not, been covered in pigments (as in paint) in order to conceal the natural scars and scratches of a wild animal.

C.F. Stead have tried to make a feature of the naturalness intrinsic to their raw materials, so all our leathers are aniline dyed, without resorting to using pigment. This veldt tannage is a good example of this ethos, providing a unique texture and handle, available with a full wax, or a blend of wax and oils.

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