Every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistently high quality.

Selection and Quality control

Our customers expect and demand the best of us, so every stage in our production cycle is geared towards achieving consistently high quality. Most of our raw material is selected and evaluated at several stages during the conversion process. Our objectives are always the same, that is to check that the specification and quality have been achieved up to that point and to sort for best use.

Raw Material

We purchase raw material from the UK, Northern Europe, New Zealand, South Africa (Kudu) and Argentina. The most important aspect to our buying policy is the establishment of long term supplier relationships. These enable us to provide reliability and consistency and ensure we are purchasing the best available raw material for the product in question, that meets our own high technical specifications.

Fibre Structure

In general terms, our suedes SHRINK by between 15% and 30% of the original size during production (i.e. we lose area which is the basis on which leathers are sold). On the face of it this is business suicide and the opposite to the way most suede tanners think, which is to look for maximum area gain at every stage. However, it is this “drawing together” of the fibre structure that has been the basis of our reputation since we started to specialise in suede 60 years ago. This tighter fibre structure to the suede is responsible for the unique appearance and enhanced wear properties of our suedes.


Our dyings are all pure aniline, using the finest quality dye-stuffs and without any synthetic pigment to augment depth of colour or levelness of colour. As such, unlike other tanners, we cannot rely on finishing procedures and must ensure that the original drum dying is as solid and accurate as possible. For this reason we have invested significantly in a state of the art automated dye house which helps ensure the rich, full natural aniline dyings for which our suedes are known.

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